How to Get Out of a Car Lease

Are you are in a car lease and want to get out of it? Whether you want to get out of a car lease all together (sell your car lease) or you just want to refinance your car lease, there is a solution. We researched the companies that help connect people that want to sell a car lease with people that would like a short lease.

SwapALease is a site that connects those wanting out of a car lease with people looking to get into a short term lease. They guide those selling a car lease and lease buyers through the entire transfer process (including credit checks and information on shipping, inspections, and other transfer details) and provide confidentiality throughout the process.

If you aren't sure whether your leasing company allows lease transfers, SwapALease provides a list of common leasing companies to assist you during the process. This list is also helpful in determining the fees that the leasing company charges to make the transfer.

This site is also helpful if you are desperate to get out of your lease. Many sellers get creative and offer incentives (such as paying transfer fees) to buyers to speed of the selling process. (The typical processing time is 7-14 business days.)

You could just pay the dealer the early termination fees to get out of your lease, but those fees tend to total up to thousands of dollars. SwapALease provides national exposure (advertising of your vehicle) and walks you through the process to ensure that you follow your leasing company's policies. This approach to getting out of a car lease early can save you thousands of dollars.