Used Car Buying Checklist

Wouldn’t it be easy if you had a quick used car checklist of hot items to watch out for when buying a used car? Well, here it is. The nuts and bolts of used car buying all rolled up into four mini used car checklists. Print them out and take them to the dealership. You don’t want to miss any of the items listed in our used car buying checklists. Bottomline: If you do, it will cost you money in the end.

The Used Car Checklist

Get an inspection - even if the vehicle is a "Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle". Certified or not, you are still purchasing a used vehicle. Many "Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles" may still have problems that fall outside of the “certified” guidelines.

2. Get an inspection - even if you are buying from a dealer.

3. Bring someone that "knows cars" when you go for a test drive and for your buyer inspection.

4. Order a AutoCheck® Vehicle History Report before you take a car for a test drive.

5. Get familiar with the car and it's options before going for a test drive.

6. Confirm that the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) match all over the car. (dash, doors, etc.)

7. Confirm the seller is really the owner of the car. (Photo ID & registration, insurance, or title)

The Used Car Numbers Checklist

1. Pull vehicle values before buying or selling.

2. Look up the recent wholesale prices paid before buying a used car.

3. Don't pay extra for a 90 day warranty.

The Used Car Negotiating Checklist

1. Look at every little thing that is wrong with the car before negotiating (do this in front of the seller).

2. Ask for all the maintenance records.

3. Be prepared and take your documentation when you meet with the seller. (prices paid, values, other vehicles for sale)

4. Arrange your MyAutoLoan financing before you buy from a dealer.

5. Check out your DMV guidelines. Visit your local DMV website.

The Used Car Documents Checklist

1. Read all documents carefully before signing.

2. Don't buy a car that has "As Is" paperwork.

3. Get all "warranties" in writing. (Confirm that all verbal promises appear in the documentation that you are signing.)

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