Tips for Getting Car Quotes

With new car prices on the rise, new car buyers have one thing on their side: price comparison. Of the major purchases that people make in their lifetime, new cars are one of the few that allow for true apples-to-apples comparison. So, before you trek down to your local dealership, read our tips on free auto quotes.

Your best bet for buying a new vehicle below the invoice price is to create a competitive playing field among local car dealers. With this approach, you will reveal which dealers are desperate to meet sales goals and receive secret incentives (read more about secret incentives at Car Dealer Secrets ). We recommend that you collect new car price quotes from at least four dealers to create competition among dealers.

There are a many websites that offer vehicle quotes. Websites like and Yahoo! Autos offer free dealer quotes on their websites and don’t require setting up an account nor collect any private financial information. You fill out a form (takes less than 2 minutes) and receive car quotes from up to 4 local dealers.

Not only will you save time, save gas, and get new car price quotes for the vehicle you want, you can do all of your negotiating from home. In metropolitan areas, new car buyers are now collecting more than 4 free auto quotes, comparing the results from each dealer, and follow-up with a call to each dealer to negotiate an even lower price than the lowest vehicle quote.

How do car quotes work?

After submitting your name, phone number, email address, and vehicle information, you will receive new car price quotes from up to four local dealers. If you want to select the dealers that contact you, websites such as and Yahoo! Autos allow you to select the dealers that send you vehicle quotes. Since the internet has become such a huge aspect of the automotive industry, many dealerships have designated people in their offices to handle free auto quote requests and have created “internet” sales departments. Occasionally, you may find that the responder is part of the dealer’s “fleet department”. When the dealers receive your request for a vehicle quote, they know that they are competing against several other dealers.

Most dealers will email the vehicle quote directly to you. However, some dealers may call you. If you are hesitant to speak with a salesperson by phone, and Yahoo! Autos provide a comments section where you can request to be contacted by email.

Where can I get car quotes?

To name a couple, you can get new car price quotes at and Yahoo! Autos . We like these sites, because several of the sites mentioned in this article provide the option to insert comments, select specific dealers, select when you plan to buy, and select when you’d like to be contacted. These free auto quote applications are simple and require basic contact information. Plus, while you get a free quote on a new car, you can also pull up the MSRP, the invoice price, and any current incentives on the vehicle.

Why should I get multiple car quotes?

For an in-depth answer to this question, check out how How Dealers Operate and Dealer Incentives . The Cliff Notes answer to this question – getting multiple quotes will net you a lower price on a new car. The automotive industry is competitive. Dealerships have to meet goals in order to maintain and/or grow their business. They want your business and, given the challenge, they will fight for it. By requesting new car price quotes on a site like Yahoo! Autos , you’ll have the chance to play the dealers against each other and have them under-bid each other until they won’t go any lower. Would they rather that you walk in the dealership and pay MSRP (sticker price)? Absolutely! However, many dealers have grown to appreciate customers that have done their homework and use this direct approach to negotiating.

When is the best time to get a car quote?

You can submit a car quote at any time during the month. However, we recommend that you finalize your negotiations on a new car at the end of the month. This is frequently the time when Manufacturer-To-Dealer Incentives end. Dealers are typically more motivated to sell you a car at this time of the month and some dealers will be aggressively trying to meet a sales goal (read more at (read more at Dealer Incentives and Car Dealer Secrets ).

How do I get more than 4 car quotes?

Most car quote websites like and Yahoo! Autos , offer up to 4 car quotes per application. If you live in a heavily populated area, such as Southern California, there may be 10 dealerships within 20 miles of your home. In this case, you may benefit even more by requesting quotes from more dealerships. When you submit the car quote form on a website like or Yahoo! Autos , you will be asked for your zip code and given the option to select dealerships from a list. To receive additional quotes, simply input a zip code slightly outside of your area and you will receive a different selection of dealers.

3 Tips for Requesting Car Quotes:

Supply accurate information. Some websites filter out bogus applications and never forward them to the dealers. So, include your correct contact information (including phone number and full email address)

Honesty is the best policy. Be upfront with the dealers that send you a quote. If you do not plan to buy a car for 6 months, be honest about it.

Use the comments section. Several websites, like and Yahoo! Autos , have sections where you can include comments. You can use this section to let them know that you know the invoice price of the vehicle, the Dealer Holdback , local/national Incentives , and that you will go with the dealer that offers you the lowest offer. To learn more tips on how to negotiate, check out New Car Buying Tips .

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