Car Insurance Tips

Many new car buyers don’t consider purchasing auto insurance to be a part of the car buying process. Truth be told, the cost of insurance can be a budget buster, especially if you will be upgrading to a more expensive new car or switching to a sporty vehicle.

Getting an auto insurance coverage quote can be a real eye opener if you haven’t shopped for car insurance coverage in many years. Most insurance agents can give you an accurate quote based on your current driving record within minutes. If you already have an insurance policy at this time, your current insurance premiums may not be competitive any more. So, it can pay to check out their competition for updated car insurance coverage quotes. Many companies, such as, Esurance and 21st Century Insurance which offer instant quotes online.

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance Coverage:

Shop Around. Not all Insurance Carriers have the same premiums for auto insurance coverage. Companies like Esurance and 21st Century Insurance offer price comparisons for other insurance companies. Read more at Auto Insurance Quotes 101 .

Know your driving record. You will need to have your driving history handy when you apply for car insurance quotes. Your driving history plays a big part in insurance quotes that you receive. If you enter inaccurate information, the auto insurance quote will change when the insurance company receives your DMV report.

Apply for insurance quotes. Don't assume that your current coverage is the most competitive. Insurance premiums vary based on zip codes and claims in the zip code. Due to this, premiums can vary based on the insurance company. Online Insurance quotes are free and companies like Esurance will compare several insurance company's rates for you. It only takes a few minutes, but could save you $100's of dollars each year.

Update your coverage with new vehicle features that offer discounts on your premium. Did you buy a 2nd car? Did you buy a car with a car alarm, anti-lock brakes, passive-seat belts, or air bags? Did you just turn 25 or just turn 50? All of these scenarios may give you a savings on your premium. Even if you stay with your current auto insurance company, give them a call to make sure you are receiving all of the premium discounts that you are entitled to. Read more at Auto Insurance Quotes 101

Compare apples to apples: When you compare your Esurance and 21st Century Insurance offers, make sure that you compare policies with the same amount of coverage. Insurance premiums are based on the coverage that you select. So, make sure that you have selected the same levels of car insurance coverage for Liability (bodily injury and property damage), Uninsured Motorist, Physical Damage (comprehensive, collision, towing, labor, and rental reimbursement), and any additional perks, such as roadside assistance.